Jump Calculator

  Normal Actual
Base Movement: 30' '
Run feat? no (x4) yes (x5)
Jump Skill total: 0
Height: 6' '
Check here if character ignores max distances
(for Monks lvl 7+, Jump spell, etc.)
No Max
Jump Modifier: x1 x1 (x1 running)
Running 5 ' 5 '
Standing 3 ' 3 '
Running High Jump 2 ' 2 '
Standing High Jump 2 ' 2 '
Jump Back 1 ' 1 '

This simple utility for D&D 3e, calculates the total distance jumped as per the jump skill in the D20 system. It allows for variables that modify the distance such as different base movement rates from feats or Monk class ability, different max run multiplier from the Run feat or armor, as well as skill points from ranks and magic such as a Ring of Jump.

To use, simply enter your character's relavant attributes in the green fields. Enter your d20 roll in the blue field (or use the "New Roll" button to generate a random d20 roll) and press the "Calculate" button if results are not automatically calculated. Then lookup the total distance in the appropriate red field. You can also compare against an unmodified result for a normal human.

Jump Calculator v2.0
2005, by Luigi Kapaj
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