Spell Cost Calculator for D&D 3e and 3.5e

Spell Level: level
Caster Level: level
Material cost: GP
Focus value: GP
XP cost: XP
Cost to Purchase Spell Casting 10 GP
Cost to Copy Spell into Spellbook 100 GP, 1 Pages, 1 Day
Copy Spell from NPC Wizard into Spellbook 150 GP, 1 Pages, 1 Day
Research Spell 1000 GP, 1 Weeks, DC 11
Cost to Purchase Scroll 25 GP
Scribe Scroll 12.5 GP, 1 XP, 1 Days
Cost to Purchase Potion 50 GP
Brew Potion 25 GP, 2 XP, 1 Day
Cost to Purchase Wand (50 charges) 750 GP
Craft Wand 375 GP, 30 XP, 1 Days

This simple utility for D&D 3e and 3.5e and D20 fantasy systems, calculates the cost of spell casting services and to buy the spell on a scroll, potion, or wand, and to research or make such items. These costs are the same for both 3.0 and 3.5 versions.

To use, simply enter the desired spell level, and necessary caster level in the green fields. And press the "Calculate" button if results are not automatically calculated. Then lookup the total cost in the appropriate red field. All calculations are self contained in this HTML file so feel free to download and use from your local system. Do not remove authorship or copyright notice.

Spell Cost Calculator v1.0
2007, by Luigi Kapaj
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