YASA: The Law of the Steppe
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Pathfinder Now Available!

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook is now available in stores, and will be available in PDF format tomorrow.

The 576 page hard cover volume includes player and game master rules based on 3.5 edition OGL content plus complete character generation and variable advancement rules to form a complete stand alone game. Many rules are streamlined, updated and expanded including feats, skills, grappling, polymorphing, and poisons. Also included are hundreds of new and updated spells and magical treasure.

Get your copy today and prepare for the imminent release of the Yasa campaign setting designed specifically to work with the Pathfinder rules.

Player Community Forum

In anticipation of the upcoming release of YASA: The Law Of The Steppe, a forum has been added to the Yasa website at http://Yasa.NYCMongol.com/forum

The Yasa forum is a player community where players can discuss all things related to gaming in a nomadic campaign setting including rules, culture, Mongol Empire, playing a nomadic character and running a game.

Anyone can join and RSS feeds are available.

Dave Arneson Will Be Missed

Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons and a founding father of role playing games everywhere Dave Arneson failed his last saving throw on April 7, 2009.

It was barely over a year ago that the other co-founder of D&D, Gary Gygax also left the prime material plane.

Of all of Dave Arneson's contributions, he was best known for having created the first fantasy campaign setting known as Blackmoor. He continued to reprise Blackmoor and adapt it to later versions of D&D including the DA series for the box set Basic D&D, and most recently as an OGL product for 3rd edition.

He also introduced the Monk class in his Supplement II: Blackmoor bringing Hong Kong Kung Fu flicks to RPGs. This opened the door for oriental adventures in a game largely based on Tolkien and European mythology.

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe, being an Asian themed campaign setting, owes its existence to Dave Arneson. He may be missed, but his legacy continues to expand.

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe has joined the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatibility license. The YASA campaign setting, already written using the Open Gaming License, will become part of the latest flagship gaming system to carry on the OGL tradition utilizing our favorite version of the original fantasy gaming rules.

We here at Kallisti Publishing Inc. have reviewed the beta release of The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and are absolutely thrilled with what we found inside. It is a complete system which is true to third and 3.5 editions with well crafted revisions that maintain compatibility with other 3e and 3.5e material.

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe will serve players of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game who are interested in Asia, Steppe Nomads, and Oriental adventuring for either a dose of exotic flare or as a core world for the game.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible

Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used under license. See paizo.com/pathfinderRPG for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Tsagaan Sar and Losar

Happy Mongolian and Tibetan New Year!

Seventeenth sixty year cycle, Earth Ox year has started on February 25, 2009. Although most of Asia celebrated the Lunar New Year a month ago Mongolians and Tibetans around the world are celebrating on this new moon. In 2002 Mongolian Government and Gandan Tegchenglin Monastery defined the lunar calendar from the year 1027 to 2106. It is based on "Togs Buyant" astrology derived from the Tibetan calendar. About 50% of the time, Tsagaan Sar and Losar fall on a different month than Chinese New Year.

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe uses a simplified lunar calendar to give the ambience of an Asian world complete with astrologically based abilities while avoiding much of the confusion of real world calendars.

In The News In Mongolia

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe has been covered by The UB Post, an English language newspaper from Mongolia. The article discusses the upcoming release of the game as well as the historical Mongol Empire reenactment group The Silver Horde. The full article is available here:
In America, Chinggis Khaan Now has Loyal Following

Author in the News

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe author Luigi Kapaj has appeared in an article about local reenactments. He was interviewed regarding his training in Mongolian and mounted archery as well as his historical studies. The full article, and a photo from Naadam, can be found at:
Confessions of a renaissance man

Mongol in US Theaters

This is an exciting time for everyone interested in both movies and Mongolian history. June 6th is the U.S. theatrical release of "Mongol" by Sergei Bodrov. "Mongol" is his vision of the early life and struggles of history's greatest conqueror and nation builder: Chinggis Khaan, also known as Genghis Khan in the West. "Mongol" was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category, and won 9 other awards.

Screened for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival, the movie "By The Will Of Genghis Khan" by Andrei Borisov joins the ranks of "Mongol" and "Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea" in celebrating the 800th anniversary of the coronation of Temujin as Chinggis Khaan in 1206 and the founding of the Mongol Nation.

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe draws heavily from these entertainment sources, in addition to both historical and mythological ones, to bring a robust set of character classes, feats, ambience and challenges to your game.

YASA Announced at I-Con 27

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe is first announced to the public at the I-Con science fiction convention in Stony Brook, NY. The game setting's author Luigi Kapaj and lead artist B. Mendesaikhan are on hand at the convention to promote the upcoming release.

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe is an Asiatic Campaign Setting for popular fantasy RPGs. It focuses on the Central Asian steppe nomad as a primary character and is inspired by the mythical and legendary history of Altaic culture.

Logo Decided

We have finally decided on the logo for YASA: The Law Of The Steppe. Developed by lead artist B. Mendsaikhan, it is inspired by the Mongolian myth of Erkhii Mergen and the Seven Suns. It depicts the moment when a swallow flew in the path of his seventh arrow, forking its tail, and thus saving the sun which quickly hid behind the western mountains.

Playtesters wanted

YASA: The Law Of The Steppe is shaping up to be an extensive resource for RPG gamers interested in playing in an Asian nomadic fantasy setting. The campaign setting is being released to a limited number of playtesters during this stage of the draft process to account for playability before entering the final draft process. Contact Luigi at puppy (at) viahistoria (dot) com, including your playtester credentials, if you and your gaming group are interested in becoming YASA playtesters.

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