YASA: The Law of the Steppe
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Luigi practicing Mounted Archery in Mongolia

About the creators

Luigi Kapaj, author

Luigi is a long time player of Dungeons & Dragons since he first received the red box Basic Set in elementary school. Soon after, his imagination soared as much as his school grades in English. He has been involved in campaigns for various themes using gaming systems such as Traveller, GURPS, Champions, Star Wars, Toon and many others. After occasional forays into wargaming, and many, many computer games, Luigi still loves his D&D.

Given the title Factotum, he is a developer, IT and Telecom expert for a major Wall Street company. Luigi frequently travels to Asia for both business and pleasure where he practices his photography. He is a home brewer and runs his own business.

Never one to stay indoors long, Luigi is a lifelong practitioner of Kung Fu Wu Su, enjoys horseback riding, SCA medieval faires, and runs a club called The Silver Horde for Mongol Empire and Asiatic reenactors. He has studied Mongolian archery under such champion Mergen as Batjargal and Munkhtsetseg, and mounted archery under Kassai and occasionally performs historical demos.

This is his first published gaming book. His friends call him "Puppy" - though no one is really sure why.

D. Baigalsaikhan, artist

Baigal is a professional artist in Mongolia where he earns his daily living as a stage designer for all the local theaters in Ulaanbaatar. He has his Masters in Art & Culture. On a recent visit to the US, he produced a line of watercolors to sell at NYCMongol.com depicting landscape and traditional culture of his home.

Upon seeing some gaming books, he was inspired to create fantasy images of monsters and heroes out of Mongolian mythology.

B. Mendsaikhan, artist

Mendee was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and she came to the US a little over 10 years ago. She has a math and computer background and works as a professional translator. Also, it seems like she has her father's talent which is drawing.

She is not a big gamer but she likes computer games. Mendee started playing D&D about five years ago and she always complained how inaccurate the Asian characters are in all role playing games, and especially how Asia always seems to mean only China and Japan. She is a fan of Firefly and the artistic side of fantasy.

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