YASA: The Law of the Steppe
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YASA: The Law Of The Steppe

Asiatic campaign setting

Scythian. Hsing Nu. Hun. Turk. Tatar. Khitan. Mongol. Manchu.

From the Mediterranean to Korea, from Moscow to the South China Sea, from the Persian Gulf to Lake Baikal, from the Himalaya to the Altai, Nomadic empires ruled the Eurasian continent.

Inspired by movies, legends, myths and historical fact.

The Yasa campaign setting allows characters to take on the roles of such renowned archetypes of the steppe as a Ba'atur, Mergen, Noyan, Shaman, or Mangudai. Experience the world of Altaic nomads and their Oriental neighbors, and see if you can live by The Law Of The Steppe!

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